is a free global e-export platform.

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What is
What is
We open the doors of your store worldwide! is an e-export platform that gives you the opportunity to open the doors of your store to the world.
Through the product pool system created with you can build a website or you can transfer products from your existing website to our pool. In our product pool system are more than 5 million products available to offer for sale through

About is an e-export platform
that renders service worldwide.

Suppliers are available to activate its store just with one click on and to start product sales with PTT guaranty abroad immediately. You can sale your products without paying any shipping and customs charges, and we also give translation support. You can sell your products with multi- language option on just one panel all over the world. You can benefit from our language support during and after the sales, so you can communicate with your customers easily. If you have an active website you can load your products to If you do not have a website , we can create a website for you. You can change prices and images of products at our pool and you also can add description to promote your products. You can categorize and manage the products of your store and make it easier for your customers to reach your products.

How does work?
How does work
and what are the advantages?

* You can do export to any location very quickly and easily. * You can benefit from a huge pool with more than 5 million products. * You can also add products from to your own website. * If you do not have a website, can create a website for you. * By adding your products to our product pool you can start e-export directly. * We can perform all logistics and cargo operations for you. * We are working with many countries around the world. * delivers your products directly to the door of customers all over the world.

What can you do on has many features for its suppliers like facilitate the sales services and after-sales process.
Because of these features you can send all products of your store with effortlessly anywhere in the world.
You do not have to pay any cargo, customs charges and taxes; is doing all logistics and cargo operations for you.
During the sales process, all you have to do is to send your product to the cargo center in Istanbul.

Information can manage your whole e-export process on your behalf.
All you have to do is to open a store at and to upload your products.

More Than 5 Millions Products

You can load as many products as you want in your store to the e- export pool which includes more than 5 million products.

Sell Your Products All Over The World

As soon as you upload your products at, you can start to make your store's products reach the world.

Exports To Abroad

You are interested in international trade and you want to introduce your store and products abroad? Then open a store in! Get all your products of your store effortlessly to the whole world and multiply your income!

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News From

e-Exports continue to grow and evolve with

Thanks to the signed agreement with Qatar Post, our cooperation gets stronger and grows with

In order to strengthen our platform and export agreement, we signed a new e- Commerce agreement with Qatar Post. At the signature ceremony our Doha Ambassador Mr. Fikret Ozer accompanied to our CEO Mr. Hakan Cevikoglu and the CEO of Qatar Postal Administration, Mr. Faleh Mohammed Al Naemi.

Turkish products will reach Bosnia and Herzegovina through

The e- Commerce cooperation between PTT A.Ş. and Bosnia and Herzegovina includes the integration of the website used by Bosnia and Herzegovina Postal Administration into the platform and it also includes the marketing and offer of the products through the platform to the buyers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our stand at Ankara Chamber of Commerce attracted intensive attention.

At the service building of the Chamber of Commerce members get information about the process how to do e- export through Mr. Gürsel Baran, the chairman of Chamber of Commerce, takes the members attention to do export to Qatar and Bosnia and Herzegovina and said “We want to introduce our members to innovations and give them new horizons”


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